EMREM Symposium

EMREM Postgraduate Forum Annual Symposium 2011


The Other: the Monstrous, the Marginal and the Misunderstood



10:00 Registration opens, Seminar Room 16, 52 Pritchatts Road.

11:15 Welcome from Prof. Wendy Scase.

The Marginal

11:30-12:50, Seminar Room 16, 52 Pritchatts Road

Tim Barnwell   University of Leeds

‘Rehabilitating the Vikings in the ninth century: ‘The other’ in Rimbert’s Vita Anskarii’

Daniel Reynolds  University of Birmingham

“Paradise Lost’: Monasticism and pilgrimage in the early Islamic Holy Land, c. 614 – 900 CE’

Catherine Hunt  University of Bristol

‘Balthasar’s gloves and Renaissance conceptions of the Black Magus’

The Misunderstood

14:00-15:20, Westmere House

Cathleen McKague  University of Birmingham

“What is more than a fool, an hermaphrodite’: The androgynous as grotesque in Jonson’s Volpone’

Claire Williams  University of Sheffield

“Yet sure I am we haue earthed the foxe | That stunke while he liv’d & dy’d of the poxe’. The stench of vice: Olfactory prejudice and exclusion of transgressors in an early seventeenth-century manuscript miscellany’

Rich Scott   University of Sheffield

“Trouble, fear and horror to the soul’: Corrupted flesh and monstrous spirits in seventeenth-century Dream Theory’

The Monstrous

15:40-17:00, Westmere House

Diane Heath   University of Kent

‘Portraying the monstrous, marginal and misunderstood: Blurring monstrous boundaries in BL Harley 3244’

Angelica Groom  University of Sussex

‘Bizzarri, meravigliosi e mostruosi animali: Categories of the ‘other’ in the zoological art of the Medici’

Rachel Davies   University of Birmingham

‘A monstrous mermaid in medieval music’

17:00-19:00 Wine Reception, Westmere House.

Refreshments provided. Places are limited therefore you will need to register, to do so please email: emremforum@googlemail.com


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