Below you can find the lecture program of the Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages at the University of Birmingham for the autumn term.

The first EMREM Forum event will be held soon, please keep checking this website for further updates!

Centre for the Study of the Middle

Ages (CeSMA)

Research Seminar

Autumn Term 2011


26 September 2011  Dr Richard Goddard (University of Nottingham)

Mining and the Market Economy in Medieval Nottinghamshire


10 October 2011  Prof. Robert Swanson

Fissures in the Bedrock: Parishes, Chapels, Parishioners and Chaplains in Pre-Reformation England


24 October 2011  Dr Allan McKinley

Strategies of Alienating Land to the Church in Eighth-Century Alsace


7 November 2011  Professor Simon Barton (University of Exeter)

War, Love and Lust on the Medieval Iberian Frontier with Islam


21 November 2011  Dr Caterina Bruschi

Inquisitors and their Families in the Middle Ages: The Entourage


5 December 2011  Dr Ros Faith (Kellogg College, Oxford)

Doing Anglo-Saxon History as if Farmers Mattered


Mondays, 4pm in the Rodney Hilton Library (Arts 335)


For further information on the seminar, or to be added to the mailing list,

please contact Dr William Purkis (w.j.purkis@bham.ac.uk)


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