Program: Gender and Medieval Studies 2012 at Manchester University

Gender and Medieval Studies 2012

Gender and Punishment

Martin Harris Centre, University of Manchester

11-13 January 2012





Wednesday 11 January


12:45-1:45pm: Registration (Foyer)


1:45pm: Welcome and Opening Remarks by Dr. Anke Bernau (University of Manchester) (John Thaw Lecture Theatre)


2-3:30pm: Keynote Lecture (John Thaw Lecture Theatre)

Chair: Professor Gale Owen-Crocker (University of Manchester)

Professor Dawn Hadley (University of Sheffield): Masculinity and Mass Graves in Anglo-Saxon England


3:30-4pm: Coffee (Foyer)


4-5:30pm: Parallel Sessions


Panel 1a: Torture and Spectacle (John Thaw Lecture Theatre)

Chair: TBC

(i) David Matthews (University of Manchester): “Take example, and thereof beware”: The Medieval Execution Ritual

(ii) Megan Welton (University of Notre Dame): Diversis angustiata cruciatibus: Adelheid of Italy and Tenth-Century Capture, Torture, and Gender

(iii) Iain MacInnes (UHI Centre for History): “A somewhat too cruel vengeance was taken for the blood of the slain”: punishment of rebels and traitors in medieval Scotland, c.1100-c.1400


Panel 1b: Holy Women and Punishment (G16)

Chair: TBC

(i) Jessica Cheetham (University of Bristol): Mechthild of Magdeburg and Vicarious Punishment

(ii) Clare Monagle (Monash University): Authority and Punishment in the Letters of Hildegard of Bingen and Catherine of Siena

(iii) Kate E. Bush (The Catholic University of America): Cani Giudei: Anti-Semitism in the Sermons of Saint Catherine of Bologna


5:30pm: Close


6pm: Wine reception at International Anthony Burgess Foundation (Engine House, Cambridge Street)






Thursday 12 January


9:30-11am: Parallel Sessions


Panel 2a: Space and Punishment (John Thaw Lecture Theatre)

Chair: TBC

(i) Sergi Sancho Fibla (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): Marguerite d’Oingt’s Pagina Meditationum. The female hell for the “brothers of flies”

(ii) Polly Stevens Fields (University of Nevada, Reno): Reconsideration of Hrothwissa’s Convent Dramas:  Source and Site of Female Punishment in Paphnutius

(iii) Kristin Distel (Ashland University): Holy Fear as Incentive for Enclosure


Panel 2b: Presence and Absence in Punishment (G16)

Chair: TBC

(i) Drew Maxwell (University of Edinburgh): “Traytur untrew and trowthles”: Women’s roles as punishers and teachers in the concept of trowth within Ywain and Gawain and Sir Launfal

(ii) Hannah Priest (University of Manchester): “De l’altre part la dame a prise”: Hiding Punitive Violence Against Women in Insular Romance

(iii) Carl G. Martin (Norwich University): “Par destresce e par poür”: Bisclavret’s Constrained Bodies


11-11:30am: Coffee (Foyer)


11:30-1pm: Parallel Sessions


Panel 3a: Law and Punishment (John Thaw Lecture Theatre)

Chair: TBC

(i) Daniela Fruscione (University of Frankfurt): Adultery, gender and punishment in the 7th century: Legal and social frames

(ii) Charlene M. Eska (Virginia Tech): Castration in Early Irish Law

(iii) Gillian R. Overing (Wake Forest University): Within Striking Distance: Gender, Insult and Injury in Some Anglo-Saxon Laws


Panel 3b: Virgins and Punishment (G16)

Chair: TBC

(i) Christine Williamson (University of York): The Moment of Death in the Passiones of the Virgin Martyrs: Exploring Gendered Forms of Execution in Medieval Hagiography

(ii) Sarah Schäfer (University of Paderborn): “Letting Satan in…” On teeth, tongues, throats and symbolic defloration in Female Saints’ Legends

(iii) Stavroula Constantinou (University of Cyprus): Holy Violence: Crime and Punishment in the Miracles of Saint Thecla


1-2pm: Lunch (Foyer)


2-3:30pm: Parallel Sessions


Panel 4a: Punitive Scripts of Selfhood (John Thaw Lecture Theatre)

Chair: TBC

(i) Emily Rhodes (University of Bristol): Punishment & Imitatio Christi: Medieval Holy Women Creating Purgatory

(ii) Sarah Macmillan (University of Birmingham): Punishment, Pain and the Invisible Injuries of Christina Mirabilis

(iii) Michelle M. Sauer (University of North Dakota): Devotional Violence and Sacred Sacrifice: Asceticism, Flagellation, and Penetration in A Talkyng of the Loue of Gode


Panel 4b: Gendered Punishment (G16)

Chair: TBC

(i) Rachel Jones (Cardiff University): Punishing the Unruly Female Saint: The Anomalous Case of Mary Magdalene

(ii) Inna Matyushina (University of Exeter): Punishments in Chastity Tests 

(iii) Anastasija Ropa and Edgar Rops (University of Wales, Bangor): Gender specific punishment in the ‘Queste del Saint Graal’ and contemporary legal practice


3:30-4pm: Coffee (Foyer)


4-5:30pm: Keynote Lecture (John Thaw Lecture Theatre)

Chair: Dr. Anke Bernau (University of Manchester)

Professor Karen Pratt (King’s College, London): Does the punishment fit the crime, or only the person? The intersection of gender, class and punishment in Old French 


5:30pm: Close


7pm: Conference Dinner at Felicini (Oxford Road)




Friday 13 January


9:30-11am: Parallel Sessions


Panel 5a: Uncanny Bodies and Punishment (John Thaw Lecture Theatre)

Chair: TBC

(i) Stephen Gordon (University of Manchester): Post-Mortem Punishment and the Fear of the Errant Corpse in Writings of William of Newburgh

(ii) Patricia Skinner (University of Swansea): The Gendered Nose and its Lack – some thoughts on medieval rhinectomy

(iii) Katja Fält (University of Jyväskylä, Finland): Men, Women and Devils – Representations of Gender and the Diabolic in the Late-Medieval Wall Paintings of the Diocese of Turku (Finland)


Panel 5b: Discipline and Punish (G16)

Chair: TBC

(i) Kathy Frances (University of Manchester): Penance and Punishment: The Male Body and Masculine Bonds in John Audelay the Blind’s Counsel of Conscience

(ii) Frank Battaglia (College of Staten Island/CUNY): Boys Should Be Heroes: Beowulf’s disciplinary discourse

(iii) Rachel Friedensen (Western Michigan University): Si invita passa est: Consent and Gender in Anglo-Saxon and Frankish Penitentials


11-11:30am Coffee (Foyer)


11:30-12:30pm: Panel 6: Timely Punishment (John Thaw Lecture Theatre)

Chair: TBC

(i) Beverly R. Sherringham (Farmingdale State College, New York): The Graceful Fall:  Medieval Misogyny as a Redemptive Precursor to an Egalitarian Society

(ii) Daisy Black (University of Manchester): Troublesome Flotsam: Verbal Resurrections of a Drowned Past


12:30-1:30pm: Lunch (Foyer)


1:30-2:30pm: GMS Business Meeting (G16)


3-4:15pm: Optional Workshops


(i) John Rylands Library Manuscript Collections (John Rylands Library, Deansgate)


(ii) The Heronbridge Skeletons (led by Dr. Bryan Sitch) (Manchester Museum, Oxford Road)


4:15pm Conference Close



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