Training for Early Career Teachers of English at HE level

A Training Event for Early Career Teachers of English
November 16-17 2012
Keele University

Do you teach English Literature? Have you recently begun your first full-time post, or have you just begun teaching in the course of your doctoral studies? This one and a half day training event is open to everyone who teaches English at HE level and who has been in post for three years or less, as well as to post-graduate students embarking on teaching for the first time.

The primary focus of the event will be on the teaching of English Literature, but Language specialists and Creative Writers are more than welcome to attend too, and the course may also be broadly relevant to those teaching Film Studies. Unlike the more generic Postgraduate Certificates offered by individual institutions, this event is focussed specifically on English. What we do when we teach English, why we do it, and what we want to achieve by doing it will be questions which underlie all the discussions that take place in the sessions. The event, which will be hosted at Keele University, will start in the late afternoon of 16th November with a seminar on close reading. This will be a relatively informal session, and will be followed by dinner at a (cheap!) local restaurant. On the 17th, we will enjoy a day of workshops on topics such as assessment, lecture and seminar teaching, and early career planning, augmented by a guest lecture from Professor Bob Eaglestone, and an opportunity to talk to Dr Nicole King, national subject lead for English for the Higher Education Academy. We hope that the occasion will give you the opportunity to participate in lively debate about teaching your own subject, to share ideas about what works and what doesn’t, and to engage with others at the same career stage as you on the experience of entering the profession at the current time.

Participants who are unable to come on the 16th and can only attend on the 17th are welcome. There is a fee of £60 for this event, which covers all seminars, and refreshments and lunch on the 17th, but not accommodation or supper on the night of the 16th. Some reasonably-priced rooms are available at Keele on a first-come, first-served basis for those who wish to stay over, and we can also provide names of local bed and breakfasts if necessary.

If you have any questions about this event please contact:
Professor Susan Bruce at or telephone her on: 01782 734119


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