Welcome back!

Happy New Year! And welcome to the new term everyone! To get us started here are the dates for the

Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society Seminar
2012-2013 – Semester 2

Wed 9 January (Week 1) Melanie Evans (Birmingham): ‘Styling the Word, re-styling the Self?
The English translations of Princess Elizabeth Tudor’
Wed 23 January (Week 3) Amin Momeni (Birmingham): ‘Islamic Persians in Caroline Drama’
Wed 6 February (Week 5) Erin Sullivan (Shakespeare Institute): ‘The Passions of Thomas
Wed 27 February (Week 8) Graeme Murdock (Trinity College Dublin): ‘Do good fences make
good neighbours? Tolerance and intolerance in early modern Savoy’
Wed 13 March (Week 10) Alan Bryson (Sheffield): ‘The Talbot Family’
Wed 20 March (Week 11) Chris King (Nottingham): ‘Constructing space and society in the early
modern city: houses, objects and social identity’

PLEASE NOTE: To take place in Room 103, Arts Building, 4.15 pm, on all dates except 6th
Feb (Wk 5), 27th Feb (Wk 8), and 13th Mar (Wk 10), when the seminar will be held in
*Muirhead 113*.


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