Next EMREM Meeting

The Early Medieval- Medieval- Renaissance- Reformation- Early Modern Forum
Wednesday February 6th 2.30pm, Rodney Hilton Library, 3rd Floor Arts
Discussion Session: Portrayals of the Monarchy
 In light of the recent (potential!) discovery of Richard III’s body in a car park, Emrem will be looking at monarchical identities and their representations in portraiture and texts. Taking Richard III as our principal case study, we will consider the myths surrounding him – the Princes in the Tower, “my kingdom for a horse”, and especially whether he had a hunchback – in light of the new evidence. We will also consider portrayals of other important or contentious monarchs and the shaping of their identity and legacy, including Elizabeth I and other famous rulers from the medieval and early modern period. The documentary ‘The King in the Car Park’ will be shown on Channel 4 on Monday 4th February at 9pm, and there are many recent newspaper articles on the topic –

All welcome, drinks and biscuits provided!

richard III


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