EMREM Research Presentation Session (1)

Postgraduates are warmly invited to attend the first of our Research Presentation Sessions, which will take place on Wednesday 23 October, 2.30pm til 3.30pm, in Room 310 of the Watson Building.

This session will be comprised of research papers from two of the University of Birmingham’s postgraduates, to be followed by a round table discussion over drinks and biscuits. This is a great opportunity to engage in lively interdisciplinary debate in a friendly atmosphere.

Our two speakers will be:

Maria Vrij (Birmingham) – ‘And whose idea was that?’ Who decided what images went on coins and why should we care?
Thomas Markiewicz (Birmingham) – Byzantium in the First Crusade Narratives

We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be a fascinating  session.

N.B. The Watson Building is situated between the Arts Building and the Barber Institute of Fine Arts on the University of Birmingham’s main campus.


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