Sources Workshop with Prof. Ann Hughes (Keele)

Please click here to view poster as PDF.

Wednesday 5th March, 2.30pm-3.30pm
Fage Library, Arts Building

Join EMREM and Professor Ann Hughes (Keele University) for a workshop on the subject of sermons in mid-seventeenth-century England. In this session Professor Hughes will introduce a range of sources from the period and will provide her expertise on such issues as locating and using extant documents, and the relative merits of regional vs. national studies.

If you’re curious about how best to approach regional or local sources, what kinds of documents might be out there, or just want to know more about the religious culture of the Civil War period then this session is for you!

As always, all are welcome and refreshments will be provided.

N.B. Afterwards, Professor Hughes will be presenting at the CREMS seminar on ‘”Begun at Westminster and ended at Wirksworth”: hearing sermons in town and country in the 1640s’, so feel free to join us there to hear what promises to be a fascinating paper!


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