Semester One, 2015-16


Sessions will be held 4-6pm every Monday, excluding Reading Week,

in the Seminar Room in Westmere House 

Week 1

Postgraduate Fora of ShAC Welcome

(5.15pm in Lecture Room 5, Arts Building)

Week 2

Welcome Event

Week 3

Libraries and Archives

Week 4

Roundtable: Medieval and Renaissance Studies in the Curriculum

Week 5

Funding Applications

Week 7

Digital Wizardry

Week 8

 Research Presentation Session:

Tom Rochester ‘A Worthy Successor to Cuthbert: The Miracles of John of Beverley in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History V.2-6

Week 9

Conference Workshop

Week 10

Research Presentation Session

Speaker TBC

Week 11

End of Term Networking and Wine Reception


Keep an eye out for joint sessions with the other postgraduate fora in ShAC!

Call for Papers

The EMREM Forum is run by postgraduate students from the University of Birmingham and is designed to facilitate discussion amongst postgraduate students who are interested in the Early Medieval-Medieval-Renaissance-Reformation-Early Modern period. The Forum aims to generate an informal atmosphere in which postgraduates (and staff!) can share their research and participate in interdisciplinary and cross-period debate. We welcome members from all institutions and disciplines.

Papers are invited for the 2015- 16 academic years Research Presentation Sessions. These will be held during our weekly Wednesday afternoon slots.

Papers should be 30 minutes in length. Please send proposals of approximately 300 words to


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