Guest Blog Post

Adam Freeman’s Dublin trip

On my family weekend trip to Dublin in August 2015 I tried to take in as much history as much as I could, with a special focus on its medieval past. Dublin was invaded by the Vikings in the ninth century, with a date of 841 being given as the foundation of the city of Dublin. After the Norman invasion of England in 1066, when they quickly and effectively conquered the Irish lands, Dublin became the centre of English power in Ireland after the Norman invasion of the southern half of Ireland.

Euros packed and camera ready…


 On a warm (ish) day, my visit started with a walk down the river Liffy.  


I found the National Museum of decorative arts, located at a former army barracks.


Can’t complain about a free museum (already having noted the Archaeology and Painting Museum in my guidebook).

Dodging modern trams, I stuck to my walking, so as not to miss places of historical interest.



Walking towards Dublin castle and surrounding areas I noticed a lot of great architecture….


Christ Church Cathedral is easily seen from the riverfront…


Finding this cathedral shut I went looking for the twelfth century St Patrick’s Cathedral…



And enjoyed some nice views as I queued up behind many tourists




I found the similarity between an ‘English’ Norman cathedral startling


Next stop Dublin Castle! Nice round tower, a large range of ages and periods between the buildings, i.e tower, nave and entrance gallery


A more modern looking entrance; eighteenth century. The castle looks like it’s been dropped into a modern estate, expensive offices behind the photo, and a road


Time to consult the map, it has changed a lot since its foundation by King John, and I thought all he did was sign the Magna Carta…


Time to take a rest in the old inner walls, still feels odd how close the new apartments are on the site. As the sun starts to set a good day of visiting, travelling back home tomorrow.



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