Monday 7th November

Monday 7th November, 4pm, Fage Library (Second Floor, Arts Building)

Matthew Collins (UoB)

Historicising the Digital: on the insights digital technologies can bring to historical texts and practices

This presentation will explore the ways in which linguistics can approach historical, literary texts. Taking its broad approach from Historical Pragmatics, the paper will look at some of the methodological challenges and solutions particular to the study of medieval English texts. Focusing on the two key versions of Thomas Malory’s Arthuriad Morte Darthur (c.1460-70, 1485), Matt will illustrate his own application of digital tools in ways which are sensitive to, and provide insight into, some of the affordances of medieval manuscript and print texts. He will argue that such a methodology bears striking similarities with the reading and editorial practices of the past and may offer the researcher a unique insight into historical textual practices.

Join us for an interesting paper and discussion, refreshments will be served!


Monday 24th October

Monday 24th October

4pm Cadbury Research Library

 (Basement of Muirhead Tower)

EMREM Material in the Cadbury Research Library

Interested in the CRL, the material it holds that might be useful for your research, or how to use archives more generally? Come along for an introduction by the archivists, and the chance to see some of the documents held on site! Space is limited so please send us an email at to sign up.



Autumn Term, 2016-17

We’re looking forward to welcoming new and returning postgrads this semester! As a cross-disciplinary group, we represent medieval and early modern students from history, archaeology, literature, English, linguistics, music and more. If your research has taken you elsewhere but you’re interested in the period c.400-1700, feel free to come along.

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our provisional programme is below, see you soon!

Tuesday 4th October 5pm, joint with other PG Fora

Lecture Room 8, Arts Building

PhD Funding and the First Year


 Monday 10th October 5pm, joint with other PG Fora

Lecture Room 4, Arts Building

PhD Q&A; Submission, Corrections, Viva


Monday 24th October 4pm

Cadbury Research Library

Libraries, Archives, and Manuscripts


 Monday 7th November 4pm

Fage Library (Arts Building, Room 250)

Matt Collins (University of Birmingham), Title TBC


 Monday 21st November, 3.30pm

Barber Institute

Coin Session


Monday 5th December 4pm

Fage Library (Arts Building, Room 250)

Cécile Decaix (University of Montpellier III – Paul Valéry (France)) From the margin to the centre: the representation of Dido in Caxton’s Eneydos (1490).


Tuesday 6th December 5pm, joint with other PG Fora

Room TBC

Christmas Quiz

Guest Blogs

Are you looking for the chance to get writing and disseminate your research? Continuing on from last year’s guest blogs, EMREM would love for you to get involved.

We’d like to publish your reflections on your research, conferences reports, historical sites, or book reviews.

We welcome submissions of around 800 words (and pictures!) at any point throughout the year. In addition to being published on this WordPress site, your blog will be circulated via @EMREM_Forum on Twitter. Send your posts as word documents to, and we will format it for the website.

We look forward to hearing from you!


EMREM goes to Ludlow!

For our 2016 summer trip, a group of EMREMers visited Ludlow Castle.

The construction of the castle began in the eleventh century, as the border stronghold of Roger De Lacy, a Marcher Lord. In the fourteenth century Roger Mortimer enlarged the castle into a palace, and the site was later involved in the War of the Roses, under the ownership of Richard, Duke of York. Edward IV sent the ‘Princes in the Tower’ to live in the castle, which was also the seat of government for Wales and the Border Counties. In 1501 Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon honeymooned there, and Mary Tudor spent three winters at Ludlow between 1525 and 1528. The Welsh Fusiliers were founded at the castle in 1689.

EMREM Symposium 2016

The registration for our annual symposium is open!


Chaos and Catastrophe;

Restoration and Renewal


5-6 May University of Birmingham, Arts Building, Lecture Room 3

Day One, Thursday 5 May

10.30– 11.30 Registration


11.30-13.00 Providence and Tragedy

Chair: Tayler Meredith

Polly Duxfield, UoB, ‘1275: The Catastrophic Year of Alfonso the Wise (1252-1284) and its Effects on the Rest of his Reign’

Kibrina Davey, Sheffield Hallam, ‘Preventing the Green Eyed Monster: Potential Othellos in Shakespeare’s Tragicomedies’

Jason R. Varner, St. Andrews, ‘Making sense of chaos: Puritain narrative cosmology in the experience of King Philip’s War’


13.00-14.00 Lunch (Danford Room)


14.00-16.00 Conflict and Rhetoric in 10th-14th century East Asia

Chair: Lance Pursey

Jonathan Dugdale, UoB, ‘Just a Kitan Dynasty Living in a Chinese World: Reconstructing the Political and Religious Networks of Post-Tang East Asia’

Chen Xue, UoB, ‘Rebels and Rebellions: The Identities and Boundaries in the 10th and 11th Century Chinese Historiography’

Lance Pursey UoB, ‘Ethnicity and Emplotment at the end of an Empire’

Geoffrey Humble, UoB, ‘Stories for Harmony? Biography, Conflict and Resolution Across Mongol China’


16.00-16.30 Tea Break


16.30-18.00 Byzantine Succession and Networks of Support

Chair: Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger

Joseph Parsonage, UoB ‘Marriage, Regency and Succession in Middle Byzantine Dynastic Strategy – Crisis and Renewal in the Imperial Family’

Niccolo Fattori, Royal Holloway, ‘With a Little Help from My Friends: Networks of Mutual Support in the Communities of the Greek Diaspora (16th c.)’

Onur Usta, UoB, ‘’From Catastrophe to Crisis: A Reconsideration of the Desert and Sown Paradigm in Relation to the Nomads of Asia Minor, (11th-13th and late 16th-early 17th centuries)’


18.00-19.30 Wine Reception, Sponsored by the Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages at the University of Birmingham


20.00-23.00 Conference Dinner


Day Two, Friday 6 May

10.00-10.30 Registration


10.30-12.00   Writing Lives and Ars Moriendi

Chair: Emily Buffey

Melanie Peters-Turner , UoB, ‘For the Divine Service which is to be Said for my Soul;: Testamentary evidence for Memorialisation in the Middling Classes’

Charles Green, UoB , ‘’The Death of all Arts’: Adapting Donne’s Apocalyptic Topoi in his Posthumous Poems (1633)

Alison Passe, Aberdeen, ‘The Multiple Deaths of Antony’


12.00-13.00 Lunch  (Danford Room)


13.00-14.30 The Book as an Object of Reform

Chair: Matthew Collins

Claire Harrill, UoB, ‘Royal Restoration: St Margret of Scotland and the Scottish Royal Line in the ‘Dunfermline’ Manuscript’’

Morvern French, St Andrews, ‘’Ostentatious by nature’: Flemish Material Culture, Conspicuous Consumption and Anglo-Scottish Relations at the court of James IV’

Ruth Caddick, UoB, ‘Renewing Romance: The Older Scots ‘Clariodus’ and its French Source’


14.30-15.00 Tea Break


15.00-16.30 Religious Reform, Heresy and Iconoclasm

Chair: Georgie Fitzgibbon

Ian Styler, UoB, ‘A Bishop, a Monk and a Saint and the Restoration of Monasticism: How AEthelwold, AElfric and AEthelthryth Influenced the Benedictine Reforms of the Late Tenth Century’

Mark Robinson, Nottingham Trent University, ‘The Council of Avignon 1209: Pacification, Reform and the Albigensian Crusade’

Sally Wadsworth, UoB, ‘Defiance in the Face of God: The Case of Henry Sherfield’


16.30, Closing Remarks and Refreshments


Please send your registration forms to!






29th February, 7th March

Hello EMREM-ers!

We have decided not to run a session on Monday 29th February, as we anticipate that a lot of you will be attending the SHaC Academic Careers Series talk on ‘Becoming a Lecturer’ (4pm, Strathcona Lecture Theatre 7, more information can be found on the Facebook event).

We would love to see you all on Monday 7th March (as usual at 4pm in the Westmere Seminar Room). We will be talking about Birmingham’s new research institute for History and Cultures, BRIHC, and hope to have the interim director with us.

And finally, next Tuesday is our cfp deadline- please send us your proposals for papers, panels, or offers to chair!


Monday 8th February

On Monday 8th February we will be back in the Seminar Room of Westmere House at 4pm. 

Join us for a discussion on sources! Tell us about the interesting sources you are using, and feel free to bring along examples, as we think about the different approaches we are using in our research.

As usual, there will be nibbles!