EMREM Annual Symposium

The EMREM Symposium is an annual postgraduate and early career researcher conference held at the University of Birmingham and organised by the EMREM committee. The EMREM Symposium replaced the annual Hilton Shepherd Postgraduate Centre for Medieval Studies Symposium in 2011, and in in 2012 the high demand for attendance necessitated the expansion of the conference to two full days, with six panels and a total of eighteen papers delivered by postgraduates from across the UK and beyond.

2018- ‘Truth, Lies, and Deception’

2017-‘Powerful  Objects’

2016- ‘Chaos and Catastrophe; Restoration and Renewal’

2015- ‘Body and Soul’

2014- ‘Seen and Unseen’

2013- ‘Birth, Sex and Death: Rites of Passage in the Medieval and Early Modern World.’

2012 – ‘Whores and Virgins, Heroes and Villains’

2011 – ‘The Other: The Monstrous, The Marginal and The Misunderstood’


Each year, our symposium attracts over 60 delegates across the two days, which affords participants the opportunity to present research papers to a wide academic audience and to network with doctoral researchers and academics from other institutions.


“A great way to allow postgraduates to present their ideas and network with those in the same field.” – Anonymous EMREM Symposium 2013 Attendee

“The organisers were incredibly friendly and everything ran so seamlessly; the precision was very impressive. I must also commend the variety of disciplines/papers and rate this as the best conference I have attended!” – Anonymous EMREM Symposium 2013 Attendee


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