About Us & The Committee

The EMREM Forum is run by postgraduate students from the University of Birmingham and is designed to facilitate discussion amongst postgraduate students who are interested in the Early Medieval-Medieval-Renaissance-Reformation-Early Modern period. The Forum aims to generate an informal atmosphere in which postgraduates (and staff!) can share their research and participate in interdisciplinary and cross-period debate. We welcome members from all institutions and disciplines and run an annual symposium, providing postgraduates, ECRs, and academics with a welcoming, innovative, and inspiring forum within which they can share their research.

The Committee (2018/19)

The committee this year consists of PhD candidates and an MReS student from the University of Birmingham. They are:

ElenaElena Caetano Álvarez: Elena is a second year PhD student, funded by the Sir Henry Thomas scholarship. Her thesis explores the discursive representations of the Roman Empire within the historiographical works developed by King Alfonso X of Castile in relation with their context of composition. She studied her undergrad in History at the University of Huelva and completed a Masters in European Medieval Studies at University of Santiago de Compostela. Also, she completed another Masters in Secondary School Teaching at University of Huelva.

Elena has been always involved in students associations. She was a Board member at University of Huelva’s Guild of Students and at ESN (Erasmus Student Network). During her PhD Elena decided to join the EMREM committee as it is the perfect environment where young researchers can share their first results and ideas. This is Elena’s second year involved with EMREM and as a part of the committee she organised last year’s Annual Symposium.

EllieEllie Hedger: Ellie is a second year PhD student at the University of Birmingham, funded by the Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership. Her research explores the aural landscape of punishment in early modern England. Specifically, Ellie explores the relationship between sound and social discord in early modern society, and also the soundscapes of early modern prisons and public executions. Her research draws upon various historical and critical approaches, especially Michel Foucault’s analysis of power. In her spare time, Ellie can be found playing violin in her local orchestra, or restoring her classic mini!

GraceGrace Owen: Grace is a second year PhD student at the University of Birmingham, funded by the Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership. She was awarded a BRIHC scholarship for her Masters at the University of Birmingham in 2017. Her current research is building upon her Master dissertation, examining the social and economic roles of peasant officials on the manors of Glastonbury in the fourteenth century. Focusing upon the impact that holding office had on the relationships between peasant officials and their lord and community.

Grace is also interested in public engagement with history and is currently undertaking a placement with the National Trust at the Roundhouse in Birmingham. Last year Grace co-organised the Medieval Midlands conference in Nottingham and wanted this year to get involved with EMREM to further help facilitate an open environment for postgraduates to share their work. Outside of her studies Grace coaches a women’s ultimate frisbee team that competes across the country at national tournaments.

dissertation-poster-conference.pngZoe Screti: Zoe is a first year PhD student, funded by the College of Arts and Law. Her research explores sixteenth-century alchemy. More specifically, Zoe is interested in the interplay between religion and alchemical studies and practices.

Beyond her studies, Zoe is an assistant editor of the Midlands Historical Review as well as the chair of a fundraising society at the Guild of Students, UoB Friends of the MS Trust. She also contributes to both Historical Honey and Historic UK’s online magazine, having a keen interest in making history more accessible.

This is Zoe’s second year on the EMREM committee, having thoroughly enjoyed co-organising the 2017 symposium. Last year, Zoe also co-organised the CREMS Annual Postgraduate Conference with two fellow students, being the first MA students to do so. She is passionate about increasing opportunities for postgraduates to network and present their research.

RikRik Sowden: Rik completed his bachelor’s degree in War Studies at the University of Birmingham in 2018, where he won the Sir Mike Jackson prize for being best at war. He has since begun an MRes in Early Modern history, still at Birmingham, which he is following part-time and expects to complete by the end of 2019.

His research is examining the impact of garrisons and garrison warfare on the civilian population during the First English Civil War, using Nottingham as a case study. He is particularly interested in conflict and military history, in periods of social or cultural change, and in civil-military relations more generally.

Whilst studying he also works part-time at Aston Hall, a splendid Jacobean-style manor house which is managed by Birmingham Museums Trust, which fits into his interest in public history, recreating the lived experience, and public education and engagement more generally


Contact Us

The EMREM Forum committee can be contacted via:

E-mail (emremforum@googlemail.com)

Twitter (@EMREM_Forum)

Facebook (search for ‘EMREM Postgraduate Forum’).

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