About Us & The Committee

The EMREM Forum is run by postgraduate students from the University of Birmingham and is designed to facilitate discussion amongst postgraduate students who are interested in the Early Medieval-Medieval-Renaissance-Reformation-Early Modern period. The Forum aims to generate an informal atmosphere in which postgraduates (and staff!) can share their research and participate in interdisciplinary and cross-period debate. We welcome members from all institutions and disciplines and run an annual symposium, providing postgraduates, ECRs, and academics with a welcoming, innovative, and inspiring forum within which they can share their research.

The Committee (2018/19)

The committee this year consists of PhD candidates and an MReS student from the University of Birmingham. They are:

Elena Caetano Álvarez

Ellie Hedger

Grace Owen

Zoe Screti

Rik Sowden


Contact Us

The EMREM Forum committee can be contacted via:

E-mail (emremforum@googlemail.com)

Twitter (@EMREM_Forum)

Facebook (search for ‘EMREM Postgraduate Forum’).


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