EMREM 2021 Annual Symposium: ‘Forging and Forgetting’

We are delighted to welcome you to the annual EMREM symposium: ‘Forging and Forgetting: The (Re)writing of History, Community, and Memory’

10th Annual Symposium

We are hosting this year’s symposium virtually, from June 4th – June 6th. Tickets are free but must be booked through Eventbrite.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Forging and Forgetting’. Humans have long kept records of events; be they written accounts or oral histories, song and story, deeds and people immortalised in artworks, memorials, and buildings. As the 7th June 2020 toppling of the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol and Confederate memorials throughout the USA in the wake of the BLM movement shows, and as the deliberate destruction of cultural monuments and buildings by various regimes throughout history demonstrate, memory and the markers of it are not static. Similarly, buildings and the landscape more generally, change in use and shape, are remodelled, rebuilt, restored, or destroyed, changing in purpose and importance over time.

Our programme consists of a fantastic and wide range of papers from postgraduate and early career researchers across the world. Our keynote speaker will be given by Mark Wallis on ‘The New You: Creating Your Character’.

Zoom links and details will be provided nearer the event to all attendees registered through Eventbrite.

Day 1: Friday June 4th

9:15-9:25: Welcome Address
9:25-10:45: Gender and Womanhood
11:00-12:20: Recording Everyday Life
13:20-14:40: Neglected Voices and Histories
15:00-16:20: Keynote

Day 2: Saturday June 5th

9:15-9:25: Welcome Address
9:25-10:45: Church and Religion
11:00-12:20: Landscapes and Material Spaces
13:20-14:40: Making a Statement
15:00-16:20: Remembering the Past in the Present

Day 3: Sunday June 6th

9:15-9:25: Welcome Address
9:25-10:45: Literature, Heroes, and Villains
11:00-12:20: Soundscapes of the Past
13:20-14:40: Cultural Identity and Collective Memory
15:00-16:20: Memories of Violence
16:20-16:30: Closing Remarks

The programme can be downloaded as a PDF:

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